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About Joann Glaser

I am a self taught portrait artist.  I started when I was in early grade school.  When I was about nine years old, my mother sent me to a convent house on Saturdays for art lessons.

Through the years I studied the works of the old masters and I studied with a number of artists whose style I admired.  About 45 years ago I started doing pet portraits in both oils and pastels.  I painted some AKC Best in Show dogs.  Along the way I was sidetracked with kids and then a framing business but I was urged to begin painting again by several artist friends who saw some of my older work.  So I decided to take up painting again.  I really enjoy painting portraits.

I am solely a portrait artist; I have painted landscapes and still lifes but I love painting people and animals. When painting a portrait of a person, I mentally go through many phases but in the end, the person on my canvas comes alive. I even feel like I am communicating with him or her when I am at work.

My painting technique follows the example of the great masters. Starting with my rough-in I build up layers of paint so that each segment of my painting comes to life. My paintings take a while to do but that is because I want each layer to contribute to my finished painting. Often times I will go back to my original photos of the person who I am painting to look for finer and finer details. I am not satisfied until my painting is truly alive.

People have told me that my portraits are remarkably life like and that I have a masterful ability to use lights and shadows.  My goal as a portrait artist is to create a likeness that is alive - almost a 3-D effect.

I enjoy people and I want to keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Posthumous Portraits

If you have an old black and white photo or photos of long ago, I can use them to create a beautiful painting.  Perhaps you have a snapshot of a soldier or sailor from World War II or  perhaps you have a wedding photograph, I can use them to create a portrait on canvas that will look almost alive.  For example, one time I even used a 20 year old, black and white passport photo.