Here are some examples of my latest work.  

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KEN:  36 x 28  Three Quarter painting.  Oil on stretched Belgian linen.

Ken is enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon reading one of his favorite authors, Louis L'Amour.
MONSIGNOR LEO HORRIGAN:  36 x 24  Three Quarters painting.  Oil on stretched Belgian linen.

The parish council only had a small, 3 x 5 photo for me to use for this portrait as a surprise at the celebration of their pastor's retirement.  The portrait now hangs prominently at the end of the main corridor at Notre Dame Church, Denver, Colorado.  The school principal is always amazed when the children rung back and forth in front of the portrait watching the following eyes.
CHUCK'S DAD:  18 X 22  Head and shoulders portrait.  Oil on stretched Belgian linen.

After Chuck's dad passed away he only had a small, commercially taken photo of him.  He asked if I could paint a portrait from that photo.
CHUCK'S MOM:  18 X 22  Head and shoulders.  Oil on stretched Belgian linen.

Chuck was so happy with his dad's portrait, he asked me to paint one of his mom.  In this painting her jacket was a challenge; the pattern was not uniform but I love challenges.
THE BOYS:  19 x 25    Oil on stretched Belgian linen.

I had fun painting this portrait; I love painting children.
END OF DAY:  24 X 20  Oil on stretched Belgian linen

This young man spent a long day riding his boogie board in the surf.  Now he is tired.  He wanted to make another run at the surf but he had no more energy.
NORG AND SNURCH:  25 X 30  Oil on stretched Belgian linen.

I worked from several snapshots of these dogs.  They were loved by their master and are now with him forever.
LADY IN YELLOW:  36 X 24  Oil on stretched canvas.  

I don't consider this a portrait but simply a study.  In this painting I used a very limited pallet, trying to establish a mood of serenity.
JOY AND DORN:  20 x 24  Oil on stretched Belgian linen.

When Joy's husband was taken from her in an accident she wanted some way to remember him.  Her favorite photo of him is their engagement photo taken 34 years ago.  Like my other portraits, I really missed this painting when I had to part with it but when I saw the happiness in Joy's eyes when I delivered it to her, I was thrilled with her pleasure.

"After my husband died in a biking accident, I was wanting so much to keep his memory alive. After seeing Joann’s portrait of Ken. I knew how to make that happen. Joann painted a beautiful portrait of our wedding engagement picture. She framed it and it now holds a prominent place in my home. My kids and friends are so impressed with the true likeness she created of both of us. She can make a portrait seem almost alive with her skillful oil techniques. She has a true artistic eye for color. She paints the kind of portraits you see in Art museums! I love my beautiful memory portrait of my husband and I. It's a daily comfort to me."

J. Whitaker
BEST IN SHOW WESTIE 20 x 24  Oil on stretched canvas.

This is Best in Show West Highland White Terrier.
Joann Glaser Portrait Artist
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Bill Wendt  30 x 38  Oil on Stretched Linen

This is a commemorative portrait of Bill Wendt commissioned by Signal Behavioral Health Network, Inc.  Bill's family and coworkers wanted a painting of him doing his favorite pastime, bird hunting but all  they had was a 4 x 5 in. photo.  The picture was taken after a long day and Bill had a tired look on his face, so I used the face on another photo but I needed to eliminate the mustache.  Painting the camouflage pattern on his hunting apparel was  very challenging and rewarding.  

The painting now prominently hangs in the Signal Behavioral Health Network, Inc. offices in Denver, CO. 
Nuc's : 12 x 15 oil  on stretched Belgian linen

Nuc wanted a painting of herself  when she was younger. All she had was a small black and white passport photo from about 25 years ago. 
Dear Joann,

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful portraits you did of my parents.

After dad died in 2009 you graciously offered to paint a portrait of my dad. I had no idea that what I received would lighten my mom's heart and mine as well. In a sense you gave dad back to us. The portrait is not a representation of dad, but it is dad. He lives in our living room and brings us great comfort. We never could have imagined what a source of comfort and consolation this portrait would be for my family.

And if that wasn't enough, you later painted my mom's portrait. Again, you hit the mark. The portrait is unbelievable and now, mom and dad are side by side. When my mom goes to heaven these two portraits will hang proudly in my home and will remain a family treasure.

I can never thank you enough. Your talent is remarkable.

In Christ,
Deacon Chuck

Deacon Chuck Parker
Director, Office of Liturgy
Archdiocese of Denver
Grandma Beston  18 X 24 on stretched Belgian Linen.

When Grandma Beston passed, her family wanted to preserve her beautiful smile forever.  They chose this portrait setting to preserve that lovely smile.
That's My Girl   18 x 22   On Stretched Belgian Linen.

I tried to capture the deep love a new dad can have for his little daughter.  

Chuck Reidel:  18 x 20 Oil on linen

I had a special need when I started painting Chuck Riedel's portrait.  He was terminally ill with cancer.  I needed to work hard to get his painting done so he could enjoy it in his last days.  It felt so good to bring such joy to his face when I was able to deliver his portrait.  Please click the icon below.  
MADALYN AND HANAH. Their mother wanted a picture of the girls together. I worked from a snapshot the girl's mother took many years ago. She said It was the last time the girls allowed her to dress them alike.  They are now in college and mom really cherishes this painting in her "empty nest."
Rose Vu

It was very emotional for me to paint this portrait of Rose Vu. She was taken from her family a the the age of 8 from brain cancer.  Rose was dearly loved by everyone who knew her; her sparkling personality was there even though she suffered greatly. I tried to show that personality in my painting
18 x 22 Portrait painted from a 50 year old sepia photo. This was painted for the grandchildren.
18 x 22 Portrait of Shelly commissioned by her husband for their 25 wedding anniversary.
Oil on stretched linen

I am primarily a portrait artist but this landscape was a compelling scene I had to paint. Unfortunately shortly after I took the study photos, a severe thunderstorm hit the farm flattening all of the grain.
Portrait of Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Archbishop of Denver, Colorado.  This 25 x 35 portrait is painted in oil on stretched linen.

Those viewing the portrait noticed that when you walked slowly passed the portrait the head appeared to follow you.  
This portrait was commission for Rich and Pat from their 25th wedding anniversary.