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Procedures and Fees

I work from photographs. If you are local I can arrange to meet with you and take pictures.  I can combine several photographs to achieve the feel needed.  For example, if you like one pose but do not like the facial expression on the person being painted, I can combine photos to put the best face on the posed body.  Or, if there are two or more people or animals, I can combine several photos to get the groupings exactly as desired.  I then combine the photographs using Adobe Photoshop creating a photo the size the portrait will be. Most portraits are done slightly smaller than life size. After getting approval from the client who has commissioned the painting, I begin the portrait.   

When the portrait is roughed-in, I again get your approval.  My method is to  glaze layers of paint continually adjusting forms, edges and color.  I begin working first on the large details, adding lights and shadows to create depth and a kind of 3-D effect. Eyes are the most important part of the portrait and I finish them last and in most cases the portraits have following eyes. By this I mean, when you walk past the portrait the eyes seem to follow you and are looking at you from anywhere you are standing. Photographs are flat; I create portraits that have depth.  Depending upon the complexity of the painting, it may take up to 4 months to complete.

All portraits are tastefully framed.

Painting prices start at $1500.  Please call  me for information and quote.